Best Venues for Christmas Party Events

Venues for Christmas Party The Christmas season is fast approaching, and this is also the time when lots of people look forward to a great office party. After all, who wouldn’t want to indulge in some pre-holiday vibes? This is that time of the year when you can hear the collective sigh of relief as another busy year finally comes to an end, and new things await. Since Christmas party events are among the most anticipated events of the year, it is important to look for the best venues that will surely wow the whole crowd.

There are lots of crucial factors that must be considered when planning a Christmas party, but for most event and corporate planners, everything really starts with the location.

Right now, warehouse venues have become a favorite, and are even some of the most unique and affordable venues perfect for special occasions. If you happen to be in Melbourne in particular, you might want to learn some of the most favorite unique warehouse venues that are guaranteed to make your Christmas parties a blast!


Located on the waterfront of Docklands, in a one of a kind heritage listed shipping, Sketch is dubbed as among those venues that are ideal for both day and night functions. If you will be holding your event at night, you can always magnify the space’s dramatic romance.  If you will have a daytime event, you will love the fact that the space gets flooded with natural light combined with the harbor’s glittering views.

Raw Materials Studio

It seems that everyone heads west these days. Footscray happens to be one of the hottest places these days, and this exceptional and unique warehouse blends well with its surrounds. The venue takes pride on its sheer flexibility. The best part is that hosts are very much welcomed to add their very own personal decorative touches.

XO Studios

XO Studios boasts of general super cool warehouse vibes, separate outdoor areas, and open plan spaces, making it a wonderful blank canvas where you are free to unleash your imagination and creativity. Found I the silver between Brunswick East and Northcote, this is an ideal location for hosting your on-trend Christmas party.


Cremorne is a little pocket of happenings, comfortably sandwiched between the Yarra and Richmond. It is a suburb that abounds with lots of warehouses than you can poke your selfie stick at. Found off Church Stree, Lieux is a very funky converted warehouse space. This exudes both romance and drama, and is a great spot for your classy soirees.



This list will never be completed without mentioning Alumbra, which is what you can consider as your very own small slice of warehouse-chic of Brooklyn style, right in the heart of Docklands, Melbourne. Its layout gives you an assurance that you can secure a section even when you have a smaller group. There are also side terraces perfect for those who want to step out from the event to catch some fresh air. Alumbra is the best of both worlds, so to speak.

How to search for the right venue for hosting your corporate event?

Companies and businesses these days have a lot of events to organize. Whether it be the client meet, the partner meeting or any social event, companies have to organize them well. And the planning for the event is done many months in advance in order to get the best location and at the best price.

  • Online event is hosting sites – While planning an event, a rough idea about the place and the service can be taken from online sites. There are multiple websites which provide information about places and the customizations available. You can simply log on to them and check out the best places in your town to host the event at. Also, you can get price quotes, service details and other offerings on these sites based on your requirements.


  • Event planning organizations – Event planning and management is a full-time industry now which is meant to serve your event-related You can connect with some event service providers and get ideas about the prospective locations depending on the type of event, number of people expected and the services which are to be offered. These organizations not only provide suitable venue details but also complete packages for you to decide on. And Christmas is already near and many people are planning a party for there company, family or even an event Just Functions can give you the best offer for these types of event and if you are looking for the perfect christmas party venues in melbourne, we have the best choices and options on planning your event.


  • Direct contact with hotels and banquets – If you have any particular hotel or banquet hall in mind, you can directly reach out to them. You can find out their past history in organizing such events and the turnouts. This would give you an idea about their capability and how promising their services are. Such places generally provide full support in organizing corporate events, and you can get all-in-one packages to bypass individual vendors. They can provide you with customizations, catering services, decorators and other requirements which you might be having for your event. However, if your looking to hire a corporate function venues in melbourne, we can help you on that.


  • Online independents – There are many people in the online community who have experience in finding the right places but do not work in event firms. They can give you good input about where and how to conduct your event efficiently. They can give you customized solutions depending on your needs, and you can pick out a venue after shortlisting the places and finding out more about them.

Since the event affects the company’s image, it should be well planned and well executed. You can also look for the good choices of the top 10 best event themes to help you out on the theme that is right for your event. You can check the following things to find the best event place for your corporate event.

Make Your Fundraising Events a Blast with These Awesome Tips















Make Your Fundraising Events a Blast with These Awesome Tips

When preparing the checklist for your upcoming fundraising event, it is a must to be clear and organized with your direction, audience, time. But, if you want to take things to the next level, and make the event more effective and memorable while giving back to your community, there are a few tips that will surely help you pull off the best fundraising event of the century.

Set a Definite Goal

The team that will handle the event must have a clear and definite goal in mind that all members agree on. What is the purpose of the event? Is it for raising money or for generating awareness? If your goal is to generate some funds, how much would it be? Setting a tangible number can serve as your guide during the process.

Plan Your Budget

It is also imperative to have a clear budget for your fundraising event so that you can be more cautious when planning the venue, entertainment, and vendor expenses. In order to avoid going overboard with your expenses, keep tabs on the prices of necessities, and give priority to the main features of the event. A moderate budget can still let you plan a classy and high quality event if you know how to keep things under control.

Know Your Audience

Identifying your target audience before you even plan the event is pivotal to ensure a big crowd of attendees and adequate chances for networking with all the right people suitable for your organization. Based on your demographic, you can plan the theme, invitations, gifts, and entertainment attractions accordingly.

Pick an Interesting Theme

Although you can always follow your organization’s theme for your fundraising event, there are also some exciting ways to up your décor, food, and entertainment with smaller details to give the attendees an inspiring and memorable experience. You can choose to have a guest speaker, a musical entertainment, photo booth, a raffle, or sumptuous appetizers to have a successful event.

Stay in Touch with the Attendees

Your job doesn’t simply stop after the end of the part. For your fundraising event to be considered as successful, you have to be in touch with your guests. You can give them a call, send a thank you note, or even a follow up email.

This will not just increase your chances for gaining more face time in the near future as it is also a way of showing your appreciation for their generosity. Make sure that you thank all the silent food sponsors and auction donations if you included them in the event.

Market the Event Ahead of Time

The use of the right marketing methods when planning your event can increase donations and awareness way before the start of the main festivities. This also increases interest and ticket sales among those who are part of your demographic. You can get the word out by using digital and print ads. crowdfunding strategies, social media postings and ads, and ticket sale websites.

Your Ultimate Guide to Event Planning

You are planning an event and you know the number of attendees you like to invite, can picture the feel and look, and you already have a venue for it. However, you aren’t sure where to start and it’s where a guide on event planning comes in handy. This guide gives you a simple way to ensure that you will stay on target with what you have to accomplish. Each event is unique and using an event planning guide will help you get started easily.

Before the Event

A huge chunk of planning basically happens before your event. Below are the event planning guidelines that you must remember in terms of entertainment, venue, catering, and some things you have to help put on a good event.

Putting such pieces together can be difficult. However, after they have been put in place, make a timeline for the event and see to it that every vendor has a copy. It would help them know when they’re allowed to start loading in their equipment, when they could start breaking down, and when they have to be ready.

During the Event

It’s the time of your event and it was never been more crucial to have an event planning guide handy to steer you to event success. During your event, you want to wear comfortable shoes and clothes and ready to do your work. But, you must also bring your emergency kit, which could include a travel sewing kit, safety pins, band aids, zip ties, multi tool, gaffing tape, and some medicines.

There are other things you have to take for consideration during the event and these include the following:

  • Thirty minutes before the event is about to start, browse your checklist and ensure that everybody is where they’re supposed to be.
  • Use your own timeline to ensure that all of your vendors show up on time with the needed equipment.
  • If your event kicks off, check in with the vendors periodically to ensure that they are on track on the timeline you have. See to it that you’re available for concerns or questions they might have. If there are things that should be changed, let vendors know for them to adjust accordingly.

After the Event

Even if the event is over, your work is not done yet. At this moment, it would be the time to tie up the loose ends, which linger after the event ended.

  • If you’re part of a particular event group, schedule post-con along with the team to discuss the event. Determine what everybody did well and figure out what you can improve.
  • If there are some outstanding bills, create a schedule for when they’re due and how you will pay them.
  • Contact all vendors to thank them for their hard work and follow up with the comments they have.
  • Contact the clients you have for reviews of how they are satisfied with the event. It is always good to get the feedback, bad or good, to see what you could do to enhance. The best case scenario is to get the testimonial quote that you could post on the site for clients in the future.