Beauty Standards = Values

A slender body, silky long hair crowning a face that holds bright, alluring eyes that are not too big nor too small, perfectly pointy nose directly above a set of lips that possess just the right amount of thickness not to be considered distracting. These are what make up a woman that comes to mind when one hears the word beautiful; at least before the current century.

                And don’t make a mistake thinking that only women face this kind of unfortunate stereotypes. Men are also brutally ignored if they don’t bear a muscular figure.

Is it the media, cosmetic companies or the modeling industry that is to be blamed for such unrealistic beauty standards?

                For years, women have been pressured, almost bullied to look like a shiny plastic Barbie doll standing on her long lean legs in a box presented in a toy store. Before the world has come to an enlightenment regarding beauty, women had no choice but to be categorized by the public whether they pass the standard or not.

                With this awful kind of culture circulating the atmosphere, nothing good can be expected to come out of it. Girls, and even guys, of all ages and walks of life couldn’t run away from it.

                Teenagers spend most of their hours scrolling through the internet and different social media platforms.  Tons of manipulated images flash in front of them; planting a seed in their young minds that that is what a beautiful person looks like and that is exactly what they should strive for in life.

                Magazines and televisions are no different. Teenagers have a hard time finding faces in mainstream media that represents them; an image that reflects inclusive beauty.

                Adults refuse to embrace their because of the greater public’s over glorification of youth. With all that’s mentioned above, no person can truly accept their own identity. Moreover, these absurd ideals will encourage an entire generation to give staggering regards for physical attributes.

                To say that all of these is a thing of the past is reaching. However, on the bright side, we are, as humanity, moving forward with much awareness and changing our old underwhelming ways.

                Representation has been an extraordinary tool in shaping the minds of people to view every single person, regardless of their background, as equally beautiful as they are.

                Aside from media broadening their horizons by providing their viewers with diverse models of beauty, teaching the importance of values, especially to young children, successfully trumps the toxic culture of old.

                Values, manners and intellect far outweighs physical assets. These matters that are not seen by the eyes are what truly and actually make a person beautiful. It doesn’t matter what their social class, religion and ethnicity are.

                The world has definitely improved a lot with its so-called beauty ideals. This vital change has shed light on a crucial social issue and made everyone realize that the real reason for being beautiful cannot, nor ever be, measured with numbers.

6 Simple Ways to Improve Healthy Living

Health has always been every individual’s concern.

There are various ways on how you can enjoy life as well as live healthy. Healthy living leads to a better approach in life. Most people refer to ‘healthy living’ as a balance in physical and mental being.

Here are ways on how to improve healthy living:

  • Consume less salt and sugar

Consuming a high amount of sodium results to high blood pressure which increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. People consume salt through the soy sauce, fish sauce, seasoning and other salty condiments. Limit your salt intake to one teaspoon (5g) per day.

While consuming too much sugar can cause tooth decay and unhealthy weight gain. The World Health Organization recommends less than 5% of total sugar intake. Limiting consumption of candies, sugary snacks, and sugar drinks.

  • Eat healthy meals

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the most important meal of the day. The combination of food should consist of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat milk. Include meats, fish, eggs, beans, and nuts.

Eating healthy reduces the risk of diabetes, stroke, cancer, heart disease, and malnourishment. You can improve your healthy diet by eating fruits as snacks instead of junk or processed food. Always include veggies and eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.

  • Exercise regularly

Being physically active is part of improving your healthy living. Move your body to stretch out your skeletal muscles. Do this by playing any sports, dancing, or engaging in any recreational activities. The benefits of exercising improve your mental health and helps your body manage blood sugar levels.

  • Drink plenty of safe water

You may always hear about drink plenty of water because it is as significant as often as you hear it. Water prevents kidney stones and reduces the risk of bladder infections.

Do drink safe water, and unsafe water may lead to cholera, diarrhea, polio, typhoid, and hepatitis A. If you are unsure of your water source, boil the water for at least one minute. Heating destroys harmful organisms in the water.

  • Talk to someone

Talking to someone is essential for your mental health. Depression manifests in various ways. It can make you feel worthless and hopeless.

When you don’t feel well with yourself, talk to someone you trust. Talk to a family member, friend, or mental health professionals about how you feel. Talking to someone improves mental health, helps you feel better and enables you to feel close to people you care about.

  • Get enough sleep

Most individuals have a lack of sleep these days. They stay up late due to excessive playing, working, or watching. Getting enough sleep is necessary for your brain to function well.

Poor sleep can cause poor physical and mental performance. Sleep boosts your immune system and strengthens your heart. It could also increase productivity and improves memory.


When you live healthily, you live a longer life. You also get to enjoy life and feel better mentally. Healthy living can be hard to maintain, but there are simple ways on how you can improve it.

10 Famous Beauty Standard in 2020

The standard of beauty may thrive on newness, but this year is for a slower approach on the horizon but still flourishes sustainability movements. The beauty standard of 2020 is more inclusive than ever. From highly innovations to personalized products, form ethical to escapists, these are the trends to get excited about:

Ageless beauty will be celebrated belatedly.

In the concluding part of the last decade, retailers and brands made significant steps in catering to under-represented countries and communities. This year is a celebration for the ageless beauty of blacks and neutral tones. Beauty products, hair, skincare, and face, are more readily available for all races.

Microbiome skincare will become increasingly sophisticated.

This year’s beauty trend is producing and operating bacteria-balancing in make-up products. But this move to hyper-personalized skincare will affect the factor in one’s microbiome. Sustaining the bacterial homeostasis on your skin means that it reflects the light better, keeps the hydration in, and lets the products penetrate deeper.

Beauty and mental health discussions will further converge.

The boom of vegan beauty is more significant than ever, which speaks about the beauty industry’s holistic approach. It will become a much priority in beauty brands, promoting the ‘self-care’ idea to the consumers regarding mental health and wellness. 

Anti-pollution skincare will become as unexceptional as sun protection.

The latest survey shows that 91% of the world’s population lives in places exposed to air pollution. The result is dark spots, wrinkles, and skin aging. With this idea, the demand for anti-pollution skincare products will soar this year.

Calls for ‘clean beauty’ to be expounded with full transparency.

Last 2019, the term ‘clean beauty’ gathered momentum to become a mega topic in the beauty industry. This 2020, expect to see a great fight against the misleading information in beauty with a demand for full transparency from brands and definitions of what is considered as ‘clean beauty.’

We are adopting a skinimalist’ approach.

Whether you clean back your skincare routine or look for creative innovation to make your skin act and respond effectively, you need to enter the newest minimalism approach. You’ll see the compilation of hardworking hybrid products intended to simplify your routine while lessening your daily consumption.

Gen Zers will practice rejuvenation.

Gen Zers will increasingly become skincare savvy, adopting strict routines. Having known that Gen Z is the youngest and largest consumer, this age will surely come to learn various beauty trends, including rejuvenation and rejuvenation.

Post-influencer beauty brands will boom.

Whether brands will move forward from subsidized content – or great influencers will turn their backs on Instagram to marvel products in other ways – still to be seen, but legitimacy will reign either way.

A men’s beauty boom is coming.

In the 2019 Beauty Expo, they exclaimed that the beauty brands for men are on top. The company brands connect to vendors and investors to capitalize on men’s care business. 

Sexual wellness development will continue to grow.

Popular brands now are catering to personal care and vaginal care products, whether in the context of menopausal and pregnancy. But this topic is still on the hype and is for further discussions.