Your Ultimate Guide to Event Planning

You are planning an event and you know the number of attendees you like to invite, can picture the feel and look, and you already have a venue for it. However, you aren’t sure where to start and it’s where a guide on event planning comes in handy. This guide gives you a simple way to ensure that you will stay on target with what you have to accomplish. Each event is unique and using an event planning guide will help you get started easily.

Before the Event

A huge chunk of planning basically happens before your event. Below are the event planning guidelines that you must remember in terms of entertainment, venue, catering, and some things you have to help put on a good event.

Putting such pieces together can be difficult. However, after they have been put in place, make a timeline for the event and see to it that every vendor has a copy. It would help them know when they’re allowed to start loading in their equipment, when they could start breaking down, and when they have to be ready.

During the Event

It’s the time of your event and it was never been more crucial to have an event planning guide handy to steer you to event success. During your event, you want to wear comfortable shoes and clothes and ready to do your work. But, you must also bring your emergency kit, which could include a travel sewing kit, safety pins, band aids, zip ties, multi tool, gaffing tape, and some medicines.

There are other things you have to take for consideration during the event and these include the following:

  • Thirty minutes before the event is about to start, browse your checklist and ensure that everybody is where they’re supposed to be.
  • Use your own timeline to ensure that all of your vendors show up on time with the needed equipment.
  • If your event kicks off, check in with the vendors periodically to ensure that they are on track on the timeline you have. See to it that you’re available for concerns or questions they might have. If there are things that should be changed, let vendors know for them to adjust accordingly.

After the Event

Even if the event is over, your work is not done yet. At this moment, it would be the time to tie up the loose ends, which linger after the event ended.

  • If you’re part of a particular event group, schedule post-con along with the team to discuss the event. Determine what everybody did well and figure out what you can improve.
  • If there are some outstanding bills, create a schedule for when they’re due and how you will pay them.
  • Contact all vendors to thank them for their hard work and follow up with the comments they have.
  • Contact the clients you have for reviews of how they are satisfied with the event. It is always good to get the feedback, bad or good, to see what you could do to enhance. The best case scenario is to get the testimonial quote that you could post on the site for clients in the future.


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